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Simplifying the complexities of employee benefits.

Employers and HR professionals struggle with three key areas of benefits management:

  1. Compliance

  2. Service and Administration

  3. Creativity

Our team of employee benefits experts becomes an extension of your HR team—handling and keeping track of compliance rules and regulations and assisting with employee issues.


IMPACT Planning and

Review Process

Our proprietary IMPACT planning and review process seeks to establish the framework to improve outcomes and provide actionable business intelligence while simplifying the process of employee benefits plan delivery and administration.

Our goal is to ease the burden of issues that come along with employee benefits to achieve better outcomes and increase transparency, resulting in a newfound benefits intelligence through cutting-edge solutions. 

Ascela is a service-first strategic consulting firm defined by its commitment to excellence and needs-based approach. Founded in 2013, Ascela is comprised of innovators, specialists and market leaders. With market knowledge, creativity and a uniquely personal touch, we ensure our clients and partners meet and exceed their business objectives.


In 2020 Ascela became part of PCF Insurance Services, a national insurance brokerage dedicated to providing solutions to diverse clientele. Our strategic team numbering over 600 employees nationwide drives innovation at the forefront of the industry, establishing strategies and setting benchmarks that continue to redefine the role of a trusted advisor.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with comprehensive strategies, innovative solutions and service excellence.


Our market knowledge, creativity and expertise ensure our clients meet desired business objectives.

Our Vision



To lead with creativity,

and understanding.

Our Values

Be passionate, professional, and accountable

in all we do. Always serve with

integrity and respect.

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