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5 Employee Winter Wellness Tips

Colder and shorter days can have employees feeling stressed and unmotivated, impacting employee productivity and wellness.

To help your employees stay motivated and healthy during these winter months, it is crucial to communicate to them ways to better utilize their benefit offerings and to encourage both physical and mental health self-care.

Utilize Telemedicine By using their telehealth benefits, employees can skip the crowded waiting rooms at the doctor’s office and also save time and money by receiving the care they need from the comfort of their own homes. Many telemedicine companies offer mental health benefits as well—encourage employees to seek help for stress and anxiety that can increase during winter months.

Promote Exercise and Daily Movement Offer your employees wellness benefits—gym reimbursement benefits or friendly wellness competitions help keep employees moving and engaged. Exercise helps us cope with stress, lowers anxiety, lifts our mood and boosts energy. Encourage employees to take a 30-minute walk, take a new exercise class or try yoga. Consistently remind employees of what wellness benefits are available to them and how they can utilize them.

Promote Breaks Throughout the Day A change of scenery or pace is beneficial for mental health. Encourage employees to get up from their computers and take a walk around their neighborhood or office, or suggest lunch away from their desk to destress.

Another helpful tip is to encourage employees to schedule 5-10 minute breaks on their calendar. Taking breaks at work is important to clear mental fog and keeps employees refreshed and energized.

Encourage Employees to Utilize Their Benefits Many times employees forget the perks and programs discussed during Open Enrollment—reminders throughout the year help benefits stay top-of-mind for employees.

Offer employees proper support by providing access to nutrition counseling, gym memberships, mental health resources, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) or other benefits that build employee optimism.

And, don’t forget to remind employees to use their medical benefits to schedule preventative care appointments—which can help reduce the risk for diseases and disabilities and increase overall quality of life.

Have Managers Check In with Their Staff Encourage managers to have weekly check-ins with their staff. This allows an open line of communication if an employee is experiencing issues that could be affecting their well-being in the workplace. Staying connected with others helps employees feel supported and promotes positive attitudes.

Incorporating these tips into the workplace empowers employees and nurtures a positive company culture, which drives employee retention, productivity and loyalty. When employees feel like your business is leading with empathy and compassion, they are more likely to go above and beyond for their employer.

If you’d like to learn more about increasing employee engagement or expanding your current benefits packages, contact our team today.


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