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Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day! | April 2, 2024 🎉

What is National Employee Benefits Day?

National Employee Benefits Day is a perfect time for benefits professionals to take a look at the big picture and evaluate current benefits programs in place.

National Employee Benefits Day 2024: Community to Combat Loneliness

This year, National Employee Benefits Day takes place on Tuesday, April 2, and the theme is Creating Community to Combat Loneliness.

Why is loneliness in the workplace a concern?

The World Health Organization declared loneliness to be a pressing global health concern with its mortality effects equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

People without strong social connections are at higher risk of health threats such as stroke, anxiety, dementia, depression and suicide.

What can employers and plan sponsors do to help combat loneliness?

By fostering community, connection and a sense of belonging, workplaces can help combat the loneliness epidemic. Below are ways companies can help employees feel more connected.

National Employee Benefits Day ideas to foster a supportive and connected work environment.

  1. Encourage open communication: Create an environment where employees feel comfortable discussing their feelings and concerns with managers and colleagues.

  2. Promote team-building activities: Organize team-building events, such as group outings, team lunches or after-work social gatherings to help employees bond and connect.

  3. Create designated communal spaces: Designate areas within the workplace where employees can gather, socialize and take breaks together, such as a break room or common area.

  4. Provide access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Offer counseling services or resources through EAPs to support employees dealing with personal or professional challenges.

  5. Encourage inclusivity: Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives to ensure that all employees feel valued, respected and included in the workplace community.

  6. Organize group activities or clubs: Support the formation of employee-led clubs or interest groups based on common hobbies or interests to facilitate connections among colleagues. Popular ideas include book clubs or recipe-sharing groups—either of these can be done in person or via video chat or intranets.

  7. Celebrate achievements and milestones: Recognize and celebrate individual and team accomplishments to foster a sense of camaraderie and appreciation among employees. Ideas include social media posts to promote work anniversaries and new hires or creating an employee newsletter to announce work achievements, promotions and personal life events such as the birth of a child or marriage.

  8. Implement mentorship programs: Pair employees with mentors or buddies who can provide guidance, support and a sense of belonging, especially for new hires or those in need of extra assistance.

  9. Provide opportunities for professional development: Offer training, workshops or seminars that allow employees to develop new skills, expand their networks and connect with peers in their field.

  10. Promote wellness initiatives: Offer wellness programs or activities that focus on physical, mental and emotional well-being, such as yoga classes, mindfulness sessions or health challenges.

  11. Regular check-ins: Schedule regular one-on-one meetings between managers and their direct reports to provide opportunities for feedback, support and relationship-building.

  12. Seek feedback: Regularly solicit feedback from employees through surveys, focus groups or suggestion boxes to understand their needs and concerns regarding social connection and loneliness in the workplace.

Additional National Employee Benefits Day Resources

For other workplace resources and to learn more about National Employee Benefits Day, visit the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans website.

And, to learn more about programs that encourage flexibility and mental and physical well-being—such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), Wellness Programs and other work-life benefits—contact our team today!


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