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Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day! | April 6, 2023 🎉

National Employee Benefits Day is a perfect time for benefits administrators and employers to take a step back and look at the big picture—and take advantage of new resources for plan participants and beneficiaries.

This year’s theme focuses on building a better work-life balance, and what that means for different organizations.

Employee Benefits & Perks

Benefits that encourage flexibility and mental, physical and financial well-being are becoming more popular. These types of benefits as well as other company perks are helping employees feel more valued and happier too.

Ascela can help you offer your employees more solutions beyond just health insurance—including wellness benefits, financial and legal services, life and disability insurance, ancillary products and much more.

We’ll help you identify new opportunities and areas of improvement for your benefits plans, and together, we can help your employees lead happier, healthier and more balanced lives.

To learn about Ascela’s extensive benefits solutions and the newest products in your area, contact our team today!

For more information on National Employee Benefits Day, visit the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans website.

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