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Top Non-Medical Benefits You Should Offer Employees

60% of employees would like their employer to provide a wider mix of non-medical benefits that they can choose to purchase on their own.

As a business owner or HR administrator, it has become crucial to take a more thorough approach when curating employee benefits packages to retain employees and attract top talent—focusing on offerings that prioritize mental, financial, and social health.

Non-Medical Employee Benefits to Consider

Life Insurance

61% of employees consider this benefit a must have. Offering life insurance can boost security and peace of mind for employees. Employees can also benefit from lower rates when offered through their employer.

Wellness Programs

A well-executed wellness program can save employer groups on long-term health costs and boost employee health and job satisfaction. It is key to understand what type of program would work best for your specific group, consider the available options, and communicate these opportunities clearly prior to open enrollment.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is one of the most important benefits when it comes to protecting employees’ finances. Whether it’s short-term or long-term coverage, disability insurance provides funds to replace lost income should an employee become disabled and unable to work.

Legal Services

Employees will have peace of mind knowing they are financially protected and have access to the proper resources should a personal legal matter arise. These services relieve stress among employees and support higher productivity and employee retention.

401K Retirement Plan

48% of employees are worried about their ability to retire as planned and scheduled. Offering a 401K allows employees to save pre-tax dollars while they are working in order to fund their retirement and prepare for their future.

Interested in offering your employees more? Ascela is an employee benefits insurance broker committed to empowering our clients and their employees with the knowledge and support needed to navigate the health care system and fully utilize their benefits.

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