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Save Time and Money with a Human Resource Information System

Are you tired of manually tracking down, scanning and submitting an endless amount of paperwork? Are you maintaining accurate employee data and records?

Save Time

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is software developed to assist your business in streamlining repetitive HR tasks to improve the productivity of your HR team and employees.

HRIS platforms modernize your HR administration strategy, remove the hassle of endless paperwork and automate tasks—saving your company time and money.

These systems are typically easy to implement and manage, and provide a safe and HIPAA compliant way to manage employees, benefits, ACA and COBRA compliance, PTO and payroll.

Save Money

While your business will save time, the costs of regular HR tasks will also be significantly reduced when using an HRIS program.




Enroll in Benefits



Change Contact Information



Change Salary



Enroll in Training



Request & Approve PTO



Improve Employee Engagement

An HRIS provides employees with access to their benefits 24/7 through an employee portal—allowing them to find the information they need without having to call HR for assistance and support. And employees who have access to benefit summaries and information can make better informed decisions.

Additionally, an HRIS allows your HR team to engage and communicate effectively with employees, monitor benefits enrollment status and set deadlines.

It’s time to modernize your benefits administration strategy.

There are an overwhelming amount of HRIS options on the market, and choosing the right one is key. Consider what your company’s top HR pain points are and find a system that will help you eliminate these issues, boosting employee engagement and allowing you more time to focus on your core business.

Contact our team of experts today to discover creative ways to save valuable time and money.


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